2012 - I had Vertical Sleeve Gastric Surgery in October 2012, and this is my journey to push the fat girl aside and start living life without fear of lawn chairs, the middle seat, clothing shops and high heels. Among other things.

2017 - I'm preop for the Duodenal Switch procedure for my sleeve to help me get to goal weight....and to fix another hiatal hernia.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Water - Take 2

I was up a little in weight again this morning.  I know that the lack of water is a lot of what is going on here and today I made a big effort to get it all in. 

I did good!  I think tomorrow I'll be happier with the scale!

Tonight was our first WLS support group. A very nice crowd of people and it was great to see all the different stages of pre-surgery to maintaining goal weight!  It was pretty nice to see the success that is out there for me to grab with both hands.  Surgery is a tool, its not an answer. I still have to do the work.

Which makes me mad, because today I ate a cookie at lunch. What a waste. 

Also, we had a chef come to do a talk (who had Gastric bypass and has been maintaining a 70lbs loss - she is TINY! Maybe 5 foot tall, so that would be a lot on her). She had some recipies for the holidays and discussed options. 

All in all, very nice, and I am really happy I went.  One pre-op person, Tom, made sure to mention his blog for people to come and read. He is having his surgery, with the same doctor that I used, on Monday. Good Luck Tom!

Okay - this morning I didn't get 30min on the bike - only 20. Mornings have been kicking my rearend something fierce.

Weigh in - 270.8

There was that little gain .2 gain, but I'm not worried, I'm on track and I'm positive that I'll see the 260's by this weekend.  I can't wait. :)


  1. I didn't realize it before, but you and I are very similar in height. I am technically a half inch from 5'8" but close enough. :-) That means I am at your goal weight, and I think it is a very good weight for this height.

    I considered staying here (around 180), but I want to try to get lower. I think the lower I go now, the easier it will be to be able to maintain a healthy weight all my life. Still, I don't really want to go beyond 160 although my doctor initially said 140 would be a good goal for me.

  2. Yes!! 5'8" is a solid height! I'm guessing that once I'm down to around 185/190 I'll be better able to judge where I need to be! But you look awesome, so I'm excited to get down there! :)

  3. Good work letting this tiny gain just roll off your back! It is so easy for me to start scolding myself, which leads to feeling worse, which leads to me being less likely to do what I need to do!

    Oh, and glad you enjoyed your support group! I haven't been to one yet, although there is one at the hospital I will have my surgery at, so I'll have to check it out.

  4. Thanks Karen, just keeping it moving on. I can't get discouraged this early right! :)

    I never thought that I would be one for a support group, but I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the next!