2012 - I had Vertical Sleeve Gastric Surgery in October 2012, and this is my journey to push the fat girl aside and start living life without fear of lawn chairs, the middle seat, clothing shops and high heels. Among other things.

2017 - I'm preop for the Duodenal Switch procedure for my sleeve to help me get to goal weight....and to fix another hiatal hernia.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Getting Better

Last night I managed to get up the stairs to my bed for sleeping last night.  Gawds that was a nice change. 

My groin is feeling better today, not 100% of course, but enough to give me hope that I'll be able to work on Monday.   However, I'm not going to push it too hard today. More rest, ice, ibuprofen and reading/netflix.  The Husbeast bought me the Brave dvd yesterday. So that and all the extras are on the list of things to watch!  I'm excited!!

Weighed in this morning: 266.8lbs

I'm very pleased!

The sun is out, I'm going to make a coffee and open the patio doors and enjoy the cool morning air and sun.  While sitting on a could icebags!  Wee!!   :)


  1. I just finished watching Brave last night. A very cute movie! I'm glad you are healing but don't rush anything!

  2. Happy to hear you are a little better...sitting on icebags sounds cold, though! Good idea to keep taking it easy. I also watched Brave, and enjoyed it--how terrific to have a strong female hero! Always like to see that. Let us know what you think!

  3. LOVED Brave, and the extras on the dvd were well worth it. I'll be watching that one again over Christmas!!