2012 - I had Vertical Sleeve Gastric Surgery in October 2012, and this is my journey to push the fat girl aside and start living life without fear of lawn chairs, the middle seat, clothing shops and high heels. Among other things.

2017 - I'm preop for the Duodenal Switch procedure for my sleeve to help me get to goal weight....and to fix another hiatal hernia.

Monday, January 21, 2013

3 month check up

Had my dr's appointment today for my 3month follow up.

257.6 fully dressed, fed and coffee'ed. Weigh in this morning was 255.8.

Blood pressure was 118 over 89. Can't get much more perfect than that! Funnily, I remember getting my BP taken for the last three years and making excuses for why it was so high.... Yeah, it wasn't "nerves".

I have an appointment booked for another 6 months. July, the month of my 39th birthday. My doc has challenged me to get to 210lbs by that date. 50lbs in 6 months. White glove challenge accepted.

Now I'm going to really have to start exercising!

On a side note, I spent all day doing errands and being alone. I had a lot of time in public on my own. It gave me lots of time to think and enjoy myself. I no longer feel embarrassed trying to squeeze past people in isles, I don't feel like people are looking at me and judging me (although sure there are some who do).

Today I felt like a regular woman shopping for accent pillows and shoes. Instead of feeling like a fat woman trying to sneak through stores to keep from offending people with my size.

It has been a good day! New pillows, excellent check up, and a fantastic new goal. :)


  1. You are totally going to meet your goal!! You are doing great! Love that your scale is right on too! Great NSV!!

    1. :D Yes, I'm super excited about it - a good solid tough goal, that I'm going to meet!! WOOT!