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2017 - I'm preop for the Duodenal Switch procedure for my sleeve to help me get to goal weight....and to fix another hiatal hernia.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Trigger Behaviors - Hoarding & Guarding

I have this thing...

This thing that I feel where there is highly desirable food around me. 

This picture pretty much sums it up.


The boss has put out a box of very nice chocolates on a table out in front of my desk area. 

People are coming out of the woodwork for free chocolate and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM wants to mention it to me.
  • Oh - chocolates, yes please!
  • Back again for a couple more!
  • Just one more!
  • Oh these should do me!
  • I love chocolates!
  • Ohh See's - these are the best!
I've already had 4. I didn't even need one.  But for each person that comes over I have this overwhelming anger over them eating this candy.

Like - Its MINE and I don't want YOU to have any. I feel the urge to go over there and eat as much of it as possible.

I know that this is a problem, I don't need chocolates. I had some - they were nice - they were allowable in my calories today.

So I thought that instead of getting up and eating more chocolates - I would write this post and  breathe deeply.

Its candy. 
I don't have to guard it.
I can have more whenever I want. I can enjoy some chocolate, but don't need it all the time.  
Everyone is welcome to have it.
Its better them than me.


  1. Okay, I *realize* this post is NOT supposed to make me LOL, but I'm sitting here and just laughing!!! Why? Because I can TOTALLY 100% RELATE to what you are saying. OMG, it's sad but true because I feel the same way about food. Honestly I think everyone does to some degree. Maybe not as bad, but you put out a plate of broccoli next to a plate of cookies and I'm just going to throw out a crazy wild guess that at the end of the day the broccoli would STILL F'ING be sitting there. And if it WAS a plate of broccoli sitting there instead of the chocolates, you can bet people wouldn't make a big ole fuss out of eating it. Well, maybe just the health nuts who like to be show offs that they are INDULGING in raw broccoli. ;)

  2. It was kinda a LOLZ. I enjoyed finding the picture! Haha!!
    You are right, if it was a veggie tray no one would be fussing over it, including me.
    I finally had to just close up the box and put it on another desk. Sheesh!!!

  3. That picture and comparison was perfect! :)

  4. It would drive me insane too if everyone had to comment on it as they took the chocolate, whether I was "guarding" it or not. But I probably would be! I have been known to dive headfirst into those things if I think no one else is around. Moving it away from you was a good strategy.