2012 - I had Vertical Sleeve Gastric Surgery in October 2012, and this is my journey to push the fat girl aside and start living life without fear of lawn chairs, the middle seat, clothing shops and high heels. Among other things.

2017 - I'm preop for the Duodenal Switch procedure for my sleeve to help me get to goal weight....and to fix another hiatal hernia.

Friday, March 15, 2013

5 Month Sleeversary

Starting weight – 3015 month weigh in – 249.6
Pounds lost – 51.4
Pant sizes down – 4 (16/18)
Shirt size down – 3 (reg XL)
In Month 5 I finally hit the big one – 50lbs.  That was a pretty amazing day, and sometimes I still can't believe it!!!  It was a struggle getting there, and it’s been overshadowed by a general malaise and hellish life/work balance for Feb and March. 
I also think that the vast amount of speed and success in the first 3 months of weigh loss spoiled me!  I’m used to seeing huge numbers and the scale drop drop dropping.  Now, progress is slower and tighter.  I have to remind myself "its still progress", just harder to notice and be proud of it. But I’m really trying to be more mindful.
NSV 1:
The first big deal is that I wore size 16 jeans without realizing it. I had them in a stack of “too small” clothing that I was saving, but grabbed them and wore them all day without realizing.  That was pretty awesome.
I also bought some XL REGULAR women’s pants at a REGULAR women’s store this last week.  That was pretty amazing, since I really can not remember the last time I could just go and buy some pants. My XL women’s shirts are fitting nicely, not snug, and I’m already thinking/hoping/dare I say imagining that I might actually just wear a L?!?!  Could that even happen for me?  
NSV 2:
Yesterday I wore a blouse tucked into a skirt.  It just looked so sloppy hanging out that I couldn’t wear it out.  What a change. I used to purposefully NOT buy things that needed tucking in. I just wouldn’t do it.  I once even bought a blouse and trimmed the tails off, and hemmed it up so that I could wear it out.  I’m embarrassed by how shoddy a job it was and that I would wear it.  But, the past is the past, I’m moving on and very happy that I don’t have to consider that anymore.
NSV 3:
The new job is going well – I’m learning all kinds of new things, it’s very busy, I’m running around and active all the time.  Really loving it.  I haven’t even got into the meat of the role yet, so there is more excitement to come.  I have to plan an offsite in WI for August, and a pre-trip up there for a few days in  June.  Very exciting for me. I’ve never been to Wisconsin and … I love cheese…!! Ha!
I will say this. It is a whole new world looking like a put together person, and not thinking/feeling like people are looking at me like and seeing someone fat. Now I just look … stocky, I would say.  Sometimes I turn sideways and can’t believe that I look almost normal.
The Eating/Learning news:
I am still occasionally trying to eat more then I can stand/fit in “Gandalf” my wizard sleeve. 
I think this is a hold over from years and years of overeating.  When I eat things that I am familiar with, or rather, familiar with the portion that I can consume, I do better. Anything unfamiliar to my new stomach, especially if I used to overeat it on a regular basis, is hard.  I’m not great with unrestricted access to snacks and full plates of food. My mind wants to eat it all.  It takes a significant amount of effort to stop myself mid-eating.  I actually had to spit out a mouthful last week – it was NOT going to go down.  Learning Learning Learning.
I will say that this happens more when I’m eating mindlessly or distracted. I’ve not been throwing up as much, not that I did a lot, but I had a month there where it was really tough. I’m slowly getting the hang of it.
Room for Improvement/Movement:
Last month I said that I needed to get exercising, and I’ve done jack squat about it. 
I need to get on my stationary bike and log some miles on my legs… which I’m just not doing.   I have a billionty excuses for the moment – new job, cleaning the house for sale, staging the house, selling the house, finding a new place to live, packing the house, booking the movers, etc etc etc.   Legitimate excuses, I’ve been pulled in 10 different directions for the moment, so its been tiresome, but this weekend we are finally moving out – house sale is final on the 29th of March and my 1x yoga and 2x weigh sessions a week are not going to cut it.  I have to get back on the bike and start sweating.
The Husbeast and I will be living together again !FINALY! after struggling though 10 months of surgery/nursing care and modified living arrangements for him (no stairs… 3 story townhome = no can do).   This weekend we will finally be back together in one bed on one floor!  HURRAY!  It’s going to be a big change, going from home to apartment, but I know we can do it just fine while we spend the next 3 to 9 months looking for a new home.
Okay – thats all for this Friday.   I have my assignment in here.  Its only two words. Get Moving! 


  1. Congrats on -50+lbs, that is FANTASTIC! Um, do we ever get pics?

    And a word of advice that you already know...there is no "legitimate" excuse for NOT exercising. It needs to be ON your LIST, just like groceries, laundry, exercise, dishes, and cleaning. There I just added it for ya. You're welcome! :-)

    1. True! You called me out. I must get on this!!!!!

    2. Oh! there are pics on my four mont mark


      :) Pretty amazing results thusfar!

  2. Woo Hoo!! Congrats to you! That is excellent! Love you NSV's! Jump on the moving bus! Shake that bootie!!

    1. Check! I'm getting this bootie moving this month FOR SURE!

  3. You are doing so well. Great job on the 50+ down...we all have our moments (month or so) of being mucked around/procrastinating etc (February was my month to do that too!) and the fact that you have recognised the why's and focusing on getting back is huge. Keep up the great work! Congratulations.

    1. Yes! totally appreciating the 50lbs I've lost, now to re-commit to more!!

  4. Huge mark!!!! 50 pounds, make time for a bit of exercise. You are worth it :) Sometimes I need to remind myself to take my own advise!!