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2017 - I'm preop for the Duodenal Switch procedure for my sleeve to help me get to goal weight....and to fix another hiatal hernia.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jauary 2014 Monthly Recap

January 2014 - not the greatest start to a year, but I did finally get a loss this month after three on the rise. An artificially low loss, but what is on the scale is what I write down, so in the long run, its all going to come out in the wash.

Its also kinda nice.... I've had three months in a row with gains - 4.4lbs in total.  So I've knocked that back by about half. 

+.4lbs - Oct 2103
+2.6lbs - Nov 2013
+1.4lbs - Dec 2013

January by the numbers:

Dec 31 - 243
Jan 1 - 244.4
Jan 2 - 243.6
Jan 3 - 243.0
Jan 4 - 242.8
Jan 5 - 241.8
Jan 6 - 241.8
Jan 7 - 241.8
Jan 8 - 242.8
Jan 9 - 242.8
Jan 10 - 243.6
Jan 11 - 241.6
Jan 12 - 240.6
Jan 13 - 241.2
Jan 14 - 241.2

Jan 15 - 242.4
Jan 16 - 241.8
Jan 17 -241.6
Jan 18 - 242.0
Jan 19 - 242.0
Jan 20 - 241.6
Jan 21 - 240.6
Jan 22 - 241.8
Jan 23 - 242.4
Jan 25 - 243.6
Jan 26 - 243.8
Jan 27 -242.4
Jan 28 - 243.2
Jan 29 - 243.2
Jan 30 - 243.6
Jan 31 - 240.8

January - total lbs lost - 2.2

Total lbs lost - 60.2

The month has been hard.  I was coming off the sugar high of the holidays where the sweets and chocolates were fast and free flowing and I was getting sucked in deeper and deeper into candy-heaven. 

I've been struggling with water - that has got a lot better, but there is still much room for improvement. 

On the positive side - I've been sticking to my weights and exercise, which feels great.   The scale hasn't changed that much, but my clothes are fitting a lot better.

My naughty food habits have caught up with me and this past week I was officially diagnosed with "spastic gallbladder" and gallstones.  It's going to have to come out - yesterday I met with the surgeon, and it looks like Feb 25th is the date.  

So, this month is going to be low fat... very low fat diet.  Gallstones are no joke. Ug!   So painful.   Also, this has really forced me to reevaluate my food choices - high fat high protein ones (cheese, whole eggs, ice cream, the occasional cookie... the list of sh!t carries on). 

However, the threat of pain and emergency surgery is keeping me on track.   Also hoping that this long stretch of good eating, combined with recovering from surgery is going to help me get over the 240's and well into the 230's where I can stay and keep the momentum going.
Which reminds me that I'm pretty damn close to "my goal" for weight.   I was between 210 and 230lbs in college.  Of course, my doctor would like me to get to 175, but that is just not something that I see happening for me.  However, 210... that I can see happening for me. 

I also think that I put 185 on my ticker...that is slightly people pleasing - I want to get there because its mentally as close to 175 as  think I could get....but I know that this is really not something that I need to do for me.  But also, want to make the dr's happy so I'm leaving it up there...typical lday BS. 

If I get to 210 I'll be very pleased.   If it so happens that I have room to move downwards from there... I will. But with my frame and muscle mass, I don't see it happening.  Anyway, I'd actually like to be a size 12/14.  That would make me pleased - easy shopping, all regular stores. Whatever weight that is - should be fine with me.   (omg... nice caveat).

Anyway, this has become quite lengthy for no reason whatsoever... and considerably less interesting.  So.   Back to work!

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  1. Hi Tamzin, Maybe the "silver lining" to your gallstone issue is that you will have so much focus to eat well. Other people have told me of how medical issues turned their health around. I'm glad your weight is back in the right direction. :D