2012 - I had Vertical Sleeve Gastric Surgery in October 2012, and this is my journey to push the fat girl aside and start living life without fear of lawn chairs, the middle seat, clothing shops and high heels. Among other things.

2017 - I'm preop for the Duodenal Switch procedure for my sleeve to help me get to goal weight....and to fix another hiatal hernia.

Monday, February 25, 2013

February, how I hate thee

Weekend away was great. It was nice to re-charge and get outside (sunburn - ouch) and see lots of people. However, I really let the snack food get away from me and today the scale is showing a nice salt-bloat of 252.6.

Okay.... over dramatic. I can't believe that I just called .4 of a pound a bloat.  Jeez.  Back in the day I would have seen it as a major victory...however, I didn't have a surgically altered stomach. 

Ahem... moving on.

Okay - its 3 days pre-preiod, I had a lot of salty snacks and frankly, I've been a giant ball o' stress with the new job, the house staging, cleaning and selling.  So... I'm calling February a wash.

March... watch out, I'm coming to kick your ass.

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  1. .4 is nothing. I would bet that will be gone tomorrow after a good day of hydrating! You are still doing great! And you are going to rock this week!