2012 - I had Vertical Sleeve Gastric Surgery in October 2012, and this is my journey to push the fat girl aside and start living life without fear of lawn chairs, the middle seat, clothing shops and high heels. Among other things.

2017 - I'm preop for the Duodenal Switch procedure for my sleeve to help me get to goal weight....and to fix another hiatal hernia.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Head Check

The power to blog is not with me these days.  I've been working too much, still recovering from being sick, and not sleeping well and by extension... not eating great and making poor choices. My choices. CHOICES.  omg, no one is holding a gun to my head telling me to eat more.

I found out today that a friend has been given 1 year before he will succumb to his cancer. He has already had half his soft palette and lower jaw removed to try and eradicate the cancer.  Despite all of this, he has a better attitude about life then I do right now..... Which really means I need to get my head out my asshole and start remembering to enjoy my life and stop thinking that its so damn hard.

He will never eat another meal in his life.  So I have no excuses for complaining about how "eating right" is difficult.

Life can be a real bitch sometimes. But I have to remember to grab that bitch and spank her over my knee and send her on her way.  Life is fucking great for me, I don't have anything to complain about.


  1. Hi Tamzin! I love this message so much! OMG--What an important point in so few words. Perfect.

    That's so difficult for your friend to be in that dire situation, but I'm sure he'd be happy to make such a positive impact on your life's trajectory.

    :-) Marion

  2. That situation with your friend is a good reality check, and also so sad. I just lost an old friend to cancer recently, and before she died I had that feeling too, that her attitude was better than mine!

    Keep on keeping on, and remember that your blog can help motivate you and keep you accountable, even if it's just a drive-by entry.

    1. Thank you Connie. "Drive by entry", I like that!! I'll keep on it!

  3. Wow. What a kick in the perspective butt.

    I will think good thoughts for your friend.