2012 - I had Vertical Sleeve Gastric Surgery in October 2012, and this is my journey to push the fat girl aside and start living life without fear of lawn chairs, the middle seat, clothing shops and high heels. Among other things.

2017 - I'm preop for the Duodenal Switch procedure for my sleeve to help me get to goal weight....and to fix another hiatal hernia.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Monday Squats and such

Carrying on my exercise regime, I did a quick five minute bike before a quick five-minute speed walk over to my buddies house to do weights on Monday night. 

4xbar(45lbs) 8 reps each
Harder than it looks when you go to a good depth and slowly. 

Bench press
6 reps each
Solid effort on all and just managed to finish the last set. 

Quick trot home to stretch. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Forgot to weigh in this morning. 

Had a big walk with the husband and dog. It was beautiful out. 

Got some groceries, and will be prepping my food for lunches this week. 

Spent a good 40 min raking leaves, moving rocks around and digging up some dirt mounds in the back garden. I am beat. 

Weights tomorrow night. 

Keeping the momentum!!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sat workout done

Nothing too crazy. Farmers walks (weighted bar in each hand) - 80lbs each hand.

Time to get the rest of the days activities started.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

To all! 

My gift to me today was the start of a new habit. 

Bike - 10 min
Body weight squats - 2 sets of 7

Not much but it's something. 

Monday, December 23, 2013


Finally. Back at it!

First day back in the gym to lift weights today.  It felt a lot better than I remembered. Which is no surprise it's so good for you to get exercise.

My buddy has a home gym and lives two blocks from us so I'll be going over to work out with him three times a week. I used to come and work out with him all the time, but that was presurgery.

My legs are like noodles now! Feels good.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


at some poin I'm going to have to stop drinking under 1L of water a day and start looking after business...

Dec 21 - 243.6


I'm miserable, but can't stop eating the garbage.  So many negative things rolling around in my head. 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Rules

Just a reminder to myself.
  1. eat protein first (60 - 100g a day)
  2. eat veggies second
  3. eat bread last
  4. eat slowly, chew well
  5. stop when I'm full
  6. No drinking while eating - wait 30min after eating
I've been neglecting the protein
I've been eating too quickly
I've been having the carbs first
I've been eating 2 or 3 more bites PAST full

I went back and read over my first months worth of surgery posts.  It was a nice trip back down memory lane.

Today is a work lunch - sushi - so that will be good on the protein side and I'll have mostly sashimi.  Tonight is a party with old friend.  Old friends that eat a LOT and its "treat night".  So I'm planning on taking an eggnog latte with me - which I love - and that is my treat. I will NOT be eating anything else. 

This is still a lot of calories for today, so if I'm not hungry - I'll be skipping the mid afternoon snack.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013



hard boiled egg and baby bel Moz cheese for breakfast - DONE!

I have resisted treats this morning 2x already.

Christmas treats moved out of reach - DONE!

Water full - DONE!

Mitigation - STARTING!

Here is todays food.  It might go horribly off track, but I'm starting her and this is where its going to try and stay.  No treats, no extra snacks, no ice cream, no cake.

I had my breakfast and feel.... empty. This is a mental track. I'm not hungry... but I don't feel stuffed and this is part of my issues.  I will go and get my second coffee for the day and start in on the water.  

****Edit**** I just looked up and noticed that it was 10:10am and I had NOT DIED OF STARVATION!!!!   Eating m cottage cheese and pineapple and not dying.  Strange but true.

Cottate cheese at 9:45am 10:10am
Lunch at 11:45am
Snack at 3:30pm
Dinner at 5:15pm
100cal snack after that.... maybe.
Bed at 9pm

hard boiled egg1785.30.66.3
Baby Bel Mozzerella1503.506
2% cottage Cheese1c2034.48.231.1
pineapple1 pot600150.5
mozzerlla skim milk cheese stick1602.508
Pepper turkey - lunch meat2oz600.539
Rye Bread1.1oz (slice)831.115.52.7
Holy Crap (cereal)2Tbsp130686
1% milk1/3c390.94.63.2
Amy's Chili - spicy1/2 can1575.119.78.4
mozzerlla skim milk cheese stick1602.508
 coffee w/ creamer x2 80 6 7 1.5
Totals 1284.545.7112.798.2
Ideal Totals 140039158105
Difference -115.56.81-44.8-6.8

Monday, December 16, 2013


I just ate a piece of cake out of the office kitchen.

omg...get a grip on yourself Tamzin.

Weekly Prep

Ug, so I've still be over indulging, we had people over and had cheese plates and cookies and alcohol. Which I over did on all fronts.

However, I did get back to the grocery store and do some prep for the week.  I have veg and meat for dinners this week. Collected up some breakfast foods, and packed lunches for the week at the office.

I will NOT give up!

I've also caught my Husband cooking with butter MORE and MORE.  Ug.  So we have to have a discussion about that.  I don't need butter on everything to make it taste good.  First off I saw it on the frozen peas - you don't need butter to nuke frozen peas.... then a giant pat of it on my sweet potato last night...

I know he loves me and wants me to be happy. That used to mean feeding me food I like.  Which is really just us slipping back into old patterns.  So, yeah... that discussion and follow through is going to have to happen.  Which makes me sad, because cooking an the kitchen is his purview... but if this is what is going to happen, then I'm going to have to step in.  I can't be fed 3oz of butter every night in the vein of making me happy.

NOT that this is the only reason that I'm not losing..... as you could see by MY choices in the post before.  BS skills here. But I don't need the extra help.

ANYWAY!  Also, my weight lifting buddy has convinced me to start back in January.  He told me to get mentally prepared for it.   So... I am! HA!

okay - back to work, water and regularly scheduled programming.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sugar, sugar and a side of sugar

And I was wondering where I was going wrong.... Girl. Wake up! Photoing all the foods I ate today.... 
Coffee + creamer

1/3 c rhubarb yogurt, 1/3 c fage 2%, 2tbls holy crap cereal

Giant chai latte, almond milk. 

Skim milk moz cheese sticks.

Mini York peppermint patties

Half a bag of these. 

Lobster from the 1/2 lobster roll & 1/3 of the bread.

One mini whoopie pie. 

Fruit??? Nope sugar.... With..... 

Just one......right? 


And that is where the pictures stopped. However, I had another cookie, cause the fire is burning why not throw some sugar on it. 

Dinner was an Amy's mac and cheese frozen dinner with 1/2c of peas... The only vegetable I had all day. 

F*ck me. 

Posting to make myself do it

yeah... I'm not doing the basics and that includes watching the scale and my food. 

This morning:  242.8.   SWEET F()#$*!!!!

I want the 230's back.  I want them back NOW!

That means, that I'm going to HAVE TO DRINK WATER.   I would guess that I've had less than 1 Liter of water a day for the last 3 weeks.  That is so disgusting and unacceptable.

I've been sick and now I feel even worse.  I can't p00p, I am listless, I'm not sleeping well...


Also, time to start tracking food again.  This is BS. 

Monday, December 9, 2013


Accountability.....I haz none.

I didn't weigh in all weekend and forgot last week between early mornings and extra working hours. In all fairness I didn't want to weigh in this morning either.  I really really begrudgily stepped onto the scale.

I've been sick and busy, but that is no excuse.   I have to get back into my routine and start monitoring myself.

I had WAY too many sweet and not nearly enough protein.

Monday, December 2, 2013

November 2013 Recap

November by the numbers:

Oct 31 - 239.0
Nov 1 - 238.2
Nov 2 - 238.2
Nov 4 - 236.4 (low)!
Nov 5 - 236.4 (low)!!
Nov 6 - 236.4 (low)!!!
Nov 7 - 238.2
Nov 8 - 237.6
Nov 9 - 238.2
Nov 10 - 239
Nov 11 - 237.4
Nov 12 - 238
Nov 13 - 238
Nov 14 - 237.2
Nov 15 - 238.2
Nov 24 - 240.4
Nov 25 - 240.4
Nov 26 - 240.6
Nov 27 - 240.6
Nov 28 - 241.6
Nov 29 - 243.6
Nov 30 - 241.6

Nov lbs lost/gained: +2.6
Total lbs lost: 59.4

Overall November has been a difficult and trying month, and I have had my first real significant gain after a year of surgery.  Disappointing, but realistic, and it is not so insurmountable a number, as to be defeating.

I went home for a week long vacation and that is a seriously difficult thing.  It was emotional, exhausting, and full of all the foods that I miss about home.  So I over indulged, there was no scale to keep me honest and I let it out of control.  Sadly.  However, the sleeve did its job and I managed to keep it to a couple of pounds. 

However, it wasn’t a great feeling.   Over Thanksgiving I really DID NOT WANT to get on the scale. A clear signed that I need to get on it -  so I made myself do it.  It was the kick up the arse that I needed. 

 Too many meals out, too many days without water, too many “treats” and not enough listening to my restriction.

Today is a nice 239.8 – which is back to an area that I’m more comfortable with as a stable-ish point.  I really would like to crack into the  low 230’s on a consistent basis over this month, which is my goal.

OMG… I have a goal.  AHHHH!   My first instinct is “prepare to fail”. However, I’m going to start working at this and getting some more fitness back into my life, as well as keep at my good habits.  Water, eating at home, and adding in more exercise.
I spent the TG'ing weekend doing yard work and putting up the Christmas lights.  I moved the bed around in the guestroom so that I can get to my exercise bike again, and I committed to starting to life weights with a friend again.  So... December is going to be exiting!

All is not lost!