2012 - I had Vertical Sleeve Gastric Surgery in October 2012, and this is my journey to push the fat girl aside and start living life without fear of lawn chairs, the middle seat, clothing shops and high heels. Among other things.

2017 - I'm preop for the Duodenal Switch procedure for my sleeve to help me get to goal weight....and to fix another hiatal hernia.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Recap

The January recap is here!  I can't believe that it has been 3.5months since surgery.  Today is especially nice as I hit a new exciting low and am feeling great.

January by the numbers:

Dec 31 - 260.2
Jan 1 - 260
Jan 2 - 260
Jan 3 - 260
Jan 4 - 259
Jan 5 - 258.2
Jan 6 - 258.6
Jan 7 - 257.8
Jan 8 - 258.6
Jan 9 - 258.6
Jan 10 - 257.8
Jan 11 - 256.6
Jan 12 - 256 (-45lbs)
Jan 13 - 256.8
Jan 14 - 257.8
Jan 15 - 258
Jan 16 257.8
Jan 17 - 256
Jan 18 - 256.6
Jan 19 - 255.8
Jan 20 - 255.6
Jan 21 - 255.8
Jan 22 - 254.8
Jan 23 - 255.4
Jan 24 - 256.4
Jan 25 - 255.6
Jan 26 - 255.6
Jan 27 - 254.8
Jan 28 - 255.2
Jan 29 - 254.4
Jan 30 - 254
Jan 31 - 253.2

Pounds lost in January - 7
Pounds lost overall - 47.8

Fraking WOW!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!  Here is the graph. I had some major up and downs, but as I keep going I'm learning to take them for what they are - reminders to drink more water and eat better foods!

I hit a big milestone this month - losing 45lbs.  People at work are starting to really take note and a few of them are asking me about it.  Which can get uncomfortable, but I tell them all the same stuff.
  1.  stop drinking with your meals
  2.  measure everything you eat
  3.  count your calories
  4.  get moving
  5.  drink more water
It's all the stuff that I'm doing, without me disclosing that I have had surgical assistance with portion sizes.

I am nearly out of my plus sized cloths for good. Today I bought a dress today at J.Jill in XL and there was room in it.  It was NOT stretched to its maximum structural capacity that bordered on obscene.  This dress actually fits and looks great.  I will get some spanxy-things to help with the lumpies, but I'm really pleased and feeling even... *gasp* inspired.  

I keep saying that I'm going to get on my bike in the mornings and this has NOT happened yet.  February is my month. Its going to happen.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The sun is out

and I'm feeling great today.

Weigh in this morning - 254.0

Very pleased with that.  Eating better and getting my fluids...who would have thought that works...right?  :)

I had my weights workout last night and it was great. I was telling my workout partner how amazingly different I feel moving now that I have lost nearly 50lbs.  Its wonderful.

Side note: I was getting ready to leave last night and caught a side glance of myself in the mirror and almost didn't recognize myself. I'm getting a jawline.  WOOT!!!!

front squats 3 x 5 reps of the bar (45lbs)
Bench press 3 x 5 reps (60 x 1 set, 80 x 2 sets)
1 arm bent over dumbbell rows 3 x 8 reps (30lbs dbell)


I'm on a three day "vacation" starting this morning.  Really, its a three day organizing extravaganza for me:
  1. We are having our town home exterior washed - special thingy they do for stucco. 
  2. Related to first item, we are going to be listing our home for sale in a few weeks, so I'm prepping for that - de-cluttering, packing, throwing out the junk and getting in a base cleaning. 
  3. Tax season is upon us, and as a foreign national I have a LOT more sh*t to get done for this (*pout*).  We have a monstrous amount of medical bills this year.  Husband has 2 knee surgeries, I had mine, plus all the little stuff. So I have to get that stuff prepped.
  4. Women's World 7's Rugby is being held in Houston this week - Friday and Saturday. I'm excited to have a couple friends coming into town to visit and go to the games.
So, really...its not a vacation although I was at Starbucks in my pj's this morning after dropping off the Husbeast at the office, so I can't really complain too much!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Yesterday I was feeling a little dissatisfied with my weight loss, and frankly with my efforts. So, I made a change. I really stuck to my diet. I didn't go for afternoon carbs, and managed my water a lot better.

Weigh in this morning: 254.4

Yes, once again (and again and again and again) I have to re-teach myself this lesson. Eating right, even with a surgically altered stomach, is still the key. Give the body things it needs and can use. 

More water and monitoring myself is in order today.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Busy Weekend

I just updated my weigh ins from the weekend. More ups and downs. I've also got to caught up on my reading, as I didn't get to that either and I can see that lots of people have updated new posts and I want to go and see what was happening in the WLS world this weekend.

This morning was 255.2

I'm feeling slightly stressed, I've lost 5lbs this month, which is still good, but not as good as I need to get to 210 by July.  SO!  I have to step it up a little bit and stop the small indulgences... like potato chips yesterday.  Not many, but a handful, and those things are a slippery slope.

Okay, time for my Chai Latte protein coffee and to get to work!!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Mr. Toads Wild Ride

Seriously, I was just entering in my weight numbers for today (Weigh in this morning, 255.6) and updating my graph and this thing looks like a roller coaster.  Perhaps I should patent it and sell it to Amusement Parks.
I could sell it as Obesity's Wild Ride: All the elation of losing 45lbs on your own, but in a millionth of the time it actually takes!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

bloated, tired, & nervous

Welp....interview today. I was awake at 5am.  YAY!  :(

I'm up on the scale this morning: 256.4, but am thinking its nerves and bloating.

Getting some coffee, doing some mental warm ups and getting ready to kill this.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Tonight's little treat!


Ug, I've not been getting enough sleep at all this last week.  Last night I was up until almost 1am and up at 6:30.  This will not due.

Weigh in this morning: 255.4

Yesterday I didn't get in enough water at all.  However, I did get in a weights session and it felt great! 

Front squats - 3 sets x 5 reps (45lbs - just the bar)
Bench press - 3 sets 5 reps (1x 65, 2x 75)
1 Arm dumbbell rows - 3 sets each arm x 5 reps (30lbs)

Very pleased!

Came home and caught up on Biggest Loser on hulu, I'm feeling kind of sad this season. It kind of feels like finally, its a gameshow (as it really is) and even though they are doing some great stuff with the kids, I get the feeling that it really isn't about helping these people.  Or perhaps, these people are just not thriving like in previous seasons. 

Ah well - I know that I'll keep watching... this season is going to be a lot less crying and eating icecream while I do it though!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

3 month check up

Had my dr's appointment today for my 3month follow up.

257.6 fully dressed, fed and coffee'ed. Weigh in this morning was 255.8.

Blood pressure was 118 over 89. Can't get much more perfect than that! Funnily, I remember getting my BP taken for the last three years and making excuses for why it was so high.... Yeah, it wasn't "nerves".

I have an appointment booked for another 6 months. July, the month of my 39th birthday. My doc has challenged me to get to 210lbs by that date. 50lbs in 6 months. White glove challenge accepted.

Now I'm going to really have to start exercising!

On a side note, I spent all day doing errands and being alone. I had a lot of time in public on my own. It gave me lots of time to think and enjoy myself. I no longer feel embarrassed trying to squeeze past people in isles, I don't feel like people are looking at me and judging me (although sure there are some who do).

Today I felt like a regular woman shopping for accent pillows and shoes. Instead of feeling like a fat woman trying to sneak through stores to keep from offending people with my size.

It has been a good day! New pillows, excellent check up, and a fantastic new goal. :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Long weekend for me - I have tomorrow off.  Thank goodness because I'm behind on life from being sick this week.   

I also have my 3 month check up with my Dr tomorrow afternoon! I'm really excited!

The other main task that I have is prepping the house for sale. We are putting it on the market at the end of Feb.  I've been making lists and leaving little sticky notes on walls and doors where there are task for me to get done. Fill nail holes, pack old clothes up, take down pictures, move boxes, cleaning the floors, washing EVERYTHING!  All that fun stuff.


I have a new job interview on Thursday!  Internal interview at the company that I work for. Its similar skills but onto a new (better paying/more interesting) career track. I'm very excited.  Got my hair cut and colored yesterday. Honestly, this weight loss has REALLY made a difference in how I carry and think about myself.  I'm quite excited, and scared, and nervous.  One thing I'm less worries about is that.. Frankly, I look more professional now that I've lost that first 45lbs.  Also, I dress so much nicer on a day to day basis that no one is going to notice if I'm dressed "nicely", like they might have before (you know, just in case I don't get the job).

Okay - here is the brave part of the post.  I have also been doing a photo exchange with a couple of friends that wanted to kick up the weight loss, and needed some external motivation. So, since we are all in different cities, the idea of a monthly "underpants" photo exchange was agreed on.

I'm feeling Brave today... (seriously, what I would give to have hair like that!!)  And I'm pretty sure this picture will come up in the news feeds, you know... so people don't have to see what is next on their blog pages!!

SO.......I'm a going to post my pre-surgery 301lbs (left) comparison photo with my new one at 256 (right).  I was pretty astounded at the difference.  I honestly look at the first one and think that I'm "pushing" my gut out - but I wasn't, I specifically told myself to relax and just take the photo.    As I carry most of my weight in the middle, I didn't bother with the legs, but they have lost a lot too.

I'm so happy that I took all these pics. I have spared you all the 5lbs increments, but you get the idea.  This is 45lbs less of me!!!  :)  You can even see my smile in the second pic.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

3 Month Sleeversary

Jan 15 was my 3 month sleeversary, however the flu/crud has me in its clutches and I've been popping drugs, drinking tea, and napping on the sofa for a few days straight without the energy to manage any time at the computer and I was too lazy to do this much typing on the iPhone.
2 Month Sleeversay post
3 Months

Starting weight – 301
3 Month weight – 256

Pounds lost – 45
Pant sizes down – 3
Shirt size down – 2

Changes, yes, there are still changes happening. I've lost 5lbs since last sleeversary, and that still makes me happy.  45lbs is big. I am almost comfortable in my size 18 pants, my tops are getting loose and I can even fit into some XL size tops.  My size 20 pants are huge on me now. I've had a few comments from friends about the change in my face shape, and I've had a few more people not recognize me from behind!

Amazing Improvements:
  1. okay, this one is never fun to admit... but it is a biggie.  I no longer worry about "peeing" a little when I cough or sneeze.  Yeah.  I was. Not always, but frequently enough that I worried about it. It doesn't happen anymore.  Victory is mine!
  2. Walking, stairs and moving around ... all easier
  3. I can bend over in the car, with my seat belt on and pick something up off the floor AND reach the gas-cap release without having to get out.
  4. No more stress about sitting in a booth
  5. We went to an old theater in Galveston for a one-man-show (the hilarious William Shanter - it was awesome) and I didn't worry about my fat hanging over the arm of the seat in intruding on the person next to me.

Moving in general is simpler, easier and I really do feel freer.  I'm pretty close to what I weighed in college and its scary to see my old body coming back!

However one negative is the turkey waddle that is starting to show under my neck.  I am sad to say that I look at that and see the abuse that I did to my own body.  That being said, I'll take turkey waddle over 45lbs of fat any day. So I'm just going to have to learn to love it.

I've been having trouble with portions lately, I've been feeling more stressed, and have been trying to eating more.  Which is uncomfortable and counter-productive. I also haven't been tracking, so I need to get back to that.

Its really hard to believe that it has only been three months. I have a check in with the Dr. on Monday, so I'll be excited to see what he has to say.

okay - I've read this through and think I've covered everything, but honestly, I've been so sick that I could sound totally disjointed.  

I was going to add a picture of the dog - per tradition, but I too can't upload any pictures from my computer.... same as Sheila at This One Body was talking about.  I'm going to have to do some looking to see if this is a blogger change to try and make us use Picasa.  Annoying.

EDIT:   You have to switch to HTML to add the photos (top left), in case anyone else was wondering.

He loved his Christmas rein-dog outfit.  teehee

Monday, January 14, 2013

Here comes the sickness


I've been trying to fight this off for the last couple of days, but I think the sickness has finally gotten a foothold in me. 

I can feel it in my ears and throat, which is where it always goes. I typically have strep at least once a year, usually twice.  Feels like its kicking in.

I'm likely going to head home at lunch and rest. Also, I've not had a good poop in a couple of days, which explains todays weigh in.

Weigh in - 257.8

Saturday, January 12, 2013

GOAL! -45lbs (down 15%)

Weigh-in this morning: 256.0

Wow!  I really didn't expect to lose again this morning, but I'm NOT complaining!  :)  I've been managing my water and food and staying on track!

I was up early and dressed to go to my volunteer orientation at Dress for Success.  I'm so impressed with their organization, I can't wait to come back and do more.  I was really happy to spend the morning focusing on others instead of myself.

Weigh loss is really an inward focused activity, not that it isn't needed, however it was nice to hit a goal weight, then spend the better part of 2 hours thinking about the difference that I could make in other peoples lives.

So, here is my day, such a great way to start a weekend - 15% of my body weight is gone.  45lbs. 

Today is the 12th - so 3 days from my 3 month sleeversary - I'm doing pretty damn good if I do say so myself! 

Friday, January 11, 2013

Next Goal in the sights

Weigh in this morning: 256.6

Today I'm 44.4lbs down, which is .6lbs from my next major goal - 15% (or 45lbs) lost.

Interestingly while doing some googling... 44lbs is the average size of an elephant heart!!  Oh my!

I have a busy weekend coming up, volunteering, baby shower, gym workout, cleaning, meeting with our realtor, and some good old boardgames with friends on Sunday night.  Dog needs a bath, clothes need washing and I would like to have a little bit of time to read my House P0rn (Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living).

Happy Friday all!!

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I did really good yesterday with the water, I also cooked a meal at home for dinner, which helps with the food numbers/calories drastically.

Dinner was "baked i.e. nuked" Acorn squash & ground Lamb meatballs!   Yummy!!  I have some for lunch today as well! I'm excited for that already.

This mornings weigh-in felt great - back down to 257.8

Its still strange to see those number, I yesterday I totally typed 285 instead of 258. Some days it feels unreal to be back in the 250's.  I was in the 250's in my late 20's.  I was a lot fitter, more muscular and (therefor) smaller. But still.  I remember being in the mid 250's... and that was 9 years ago.  NINE YEARS!

This weekend I have my first Volunteer Orientation at the Dress for Success Houston office.   It looks like a really fantastic program and I'm donating all my old too big office clothes to them, as they have a real need for plus sized clothing, as well as donating time.  So if the mood strikes you - have a look and see if you have a program like that in your town/city.  I'm really excited to be a part of something this amazing. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back at it!

It's been a busy week already at the office, I've been going flat out!

After Monday mornings awesome weigh in I totally didn't drink enough water for the last 2 days, AND yesterdays food was like...almost 70% cookies. 

Jeez already. I have such up and downs... I'm so good, water, water, water.... then, brain fart.  

Anyway, I'm back on it today, and I need it... because!!!!!    yesterday I had my first real workout back in after surgery.

40min walk
front squats - 3 sets 5 reps - just the bar (45lbs)
bench press - 3 sets 5 reps - 65lbs
light stretching

I'm feeling the work in my legs today. Everything is sore and tired, which actually is a nice feeling. But it does mean I'm going to have to work really hard on my water to help flush all that lactic acid out of my poor weak muscles!!

Weigh in this morning - 258.6

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Monday

Monday Weigh In - 257.8

I had been starting to really worry about my big stall in December.  However, I took stock, thought about my food, my activity, my sleep, my water intake - and decided that I would not have a full blown panic about it. I would simply make a few adjustments back towards the direction that I should and bingo. Payoff.

Today I didn't want to eat my tuna for lunch, but... I did, because now I am full and can't imagine putting anything else in there, protein - its whats good for ya!

"The weight will come off" was my mantra every morning I got on the scale, even though it didn't move much at all. After my little changes, the last few days have been glorious. 

Weigh dropping on the scale is the result of persistence, good eating, water and effort over the last few weeks. NOT giving up. Not eating poorly because I'm not losing anyway so why bother.  All good lessons to file into the brain bank and remember for the end of the month, when this will surely happen again.

I kept on it, and I have been happily rewarded for my perseverance and persistence. 

Happy Monday!

Friday, January 4, 2013


Boom!   Jumped on the scale this morning....


All new low (soon to be broken).   Felt really good. Getting my protein and water in works. Really... I need to put that on a tattoo on my forearm.  Every morning I need to get up and say;

Protein and water works.

Started today off right with my hot protein Chai latte from Big Train.  Love this stuff.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tight Pants

Weighed in again this morning at 260.0. 

I can feel that I'm about to get off this hump and do some good progression downwards.  :)   It shall happen!! 

I'm wearing my new 18 pants today. They are slightly too tight. Feel about like my 24's did 3 months ago, so I'm NOT complaining.  In fact today I did them up this morning and said, "these will remind me that I'm not done".  LOL 

And they have.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


New Year starting right - with my focus back on protein!

Breakfast, coffee and lunch today.  I'm super full and really pleased with my intake today.  More of this to follow.  63g protein already and I've not even had dinner yet!  Can I get a HELL YEAH!

Tonight's dinner is going to be roasted beets with goat cheese, and turkey "pucks" (turkey meatloaf cooked in muffin tin).  More delicious protein!!!!!

cottage cheese 1c2034.48.231
pineapple1 pot600150.5
Bretons Crackers81808224
Laughing Cow - swiss1351.512
Laughing Cow - garden veg1351.512
Laughing Cow - garlic herb1351.512
Totals 75919.973.263

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Its here!

2013 is here. 

My gawds.. I don't know about you guys, but I had a hard time staying awake until midnight.  LOL!   lame old married lady now!  We had some drinks, socialized with some friends that we hadn't seen in a while, and enjoyed fun lively conversation.  Pretty much the perfect NYE in my opinion!

Nothing else too exciting. Brunch today with more friends at Chuy's (made famous for where the Bush Twins were picked up for underage drinking... but I think that Chuy's was in Dallas), I had the Tortilla Soup. SO YUMMY!

We stopped at a second hand bookstore to look around. I re-watched the last 2 Harry Potter films last weekend and have decided to re-read the series. Got the first book and the third in the Gunslinger series that I haven't finished, and a new one by Stephen King - Under the dome... can't recall the title right now.   Lots of good reading for the next little bit.

I've been reading blogs for the last 40min... avoiding cleaning the bathrooms and getting the laundry done.  So after this post, I have to hop to it.

Weigh in: 260.0

Time to get back on track. Christmas and NY are over. Time to dump the snacks and get back on protein packed lunches and back to working out and biking.

2013... here I come!